Richard Lee CMO PepsiCo and Tingyi Asahi China

Another challenge for Richard – CMO of Tingyi Asahi Beverages

I just received a press release from PepsiCo with some cool news about Richard Lee.

He’s recently been appointed CMO of Tingyi Asahi Beverages.

That doesn’t mean he is leaving Pepsi, it’s on top of his role as CMO for PepsiCo.

Tingyi Asahi Beverages is the biggest beverage company in China. They have the number one leadership across many segments including tea, juice drinks and water.

PepsiCo formed a strategic alliance with them. Which makes it more important and even logic that Richard takes on both jobs.
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Richard Lee Pepsico

Meeting Richard Lee

Hong Kong-born Richard Lee is the driving force behind PepsiCo China’s campaigns. He joined the company in 1997 as China Beverages Cola Director, becoming VP of Marketing in 2001. The creative innovator with a knack for meaningful branding – backed up with an MBA from Harvard Business School and BSc from the University of California – didn’t go unnoticed. In 2005, he was named by Ad Age as one of its Top 10 Global Players. Continue reading

Richard Lee - CMO PepsiCo China

Keeping Up With The Youth – Richard Lee

What’s it like being in China at this momentous time?

I love it. So much is happening. The Chinese are extremely optimistic about the future: they believe that anything is possible. And the youth especially have a very optimistic mindset towards new technological innovations: they want to try everything. It means that hypes and trends come and go at an extraordinary pace. In fact, it’s a challenge to keep up with the youth. That said, it’s exactly my kind of challenge: you either run with it – or get left behind. Continue reading

Bring Happiness Home - Pepsico - Richard lee - by CoolBrands

Bring Happiness Home – Richard Lee

Lured back by the huge potential, opportunities and challenges of keeping up with the speed of change, Richard currently leads product innovation and brand activation for all PepsiCo food and beverage brands.

China’s fast-evolving market has made it a top priority for a growing number of multinationals. Any downsides?

Unfortunately, China’s rapid development has come at a cost: the loss of societal values. One of my goals is to remind the Chinese youth of traditional family values. In 2012, we came up with Bring Happiness Home, a performance-with-purpose campaign that celebrates bonding among family members Continue reading

Master Kong by CoolBrands

Richard Lee’s curious double-CMO role for Pepsi and Master Kong

by Jenny Chan 陳詠欣 for Campaign Asia-Pacific

SHANGHAI ­- In September, Richard Lee, PepsiCo’s Greater China chief marketing officer, took on an additional role as CMO for Master Kong Beverages. In his trademark confident manner, Lee speaks out about the potential conflict of handling two of the largest beverage brands in China.

In addition to managing the brands under PepsiCo China, Lee will guide the marketing strategy for Master Kong (under Tingyi Holdings). This includes the development of individual sub­brand strategy, product portfolio framework, consumer insight, communication management, celebrity endorsements and agency relationships.

This is obviously not an easy task. How will the double­ CMO, who was born in Hong Kong and schooled in America, add value to both brands?
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Richard Lee

PepsiCo’s straight talker – Richard Lee

the face behind the brand

Richard Lee hopes to make PepsiCo more than just a great marketing company in China.

By David Blecken for Campaign Asia

Having last year pledged to invest US$2.5 billion in China by 2013, PepsiCo seems serious about building its position in the market. And having recently taken on responsibility for all food and beverage brands in the company’s portfolio, Richard Lee is among those leading the charge — and arguably facing the biggest challenge in distinguishing the brand from rivals in the sector.

Richard Lee

Interview with Richard Lee

Yet the Hong Kong native seems anything but fazed by the task ahead.

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Richard Lee

Feel the fizz of thinking differently

Interview and article by Campaign Asia

PepsiCo and Master Kong’s branding guru for China, Richard Lee says content marketing collaboration can unleash creativity confined by traditional approaches.

Having recently taken on responsibility for the marketing of all beverage brands under both the PepsiCo and Master Kong portfolios, Richard Lee is unfazed by the prospect of overload. “We’re the best of global and best of local now, with different types of expertise but extremely complementary to each other,” Lee says.

His appointment opens up cross-pollination of skillsets within the two companies, which first struck up a strategic alliance in 2012. The beverage players also share a media agency network, GroupM (Mindshare for PepsiCo, Midas for Master Kong), which means continued synergy.

Richard Lee

Interview with Richard Lee

The links extend beyond media economics, and also stretch into product distribution. This was exemplified when PepsiCo broke Coca-Cola’s 25-year hold on beverage supply to Walt Disney resorts with an exclusive Shanghai theme park agreement this February — Master Kong products were included in the deal. Continue reading

Richard Lee - CMO PepsiCo China

Meeting Richard Lee in Shanghai

I have been in touch with Richard Lee, the chief marketing officer of PepsiCo China, since 2008. Every time we meet up he shares a new story with me.

Over the years, I’ve started to recognize a clear message in Pepsi’s narrative. Pepsi’s purpose is to show that traditional values are still relevant, especially in the context of China’s current economic growth. It is a clear ‘people’ purpose.

Some years ago Richard told me about the ‘Thirst for Creativity’ campaign, as part of which Pepsi gave young creatives a chance to express themselves in this rather logic-oriented society. Some really cool stuff came out of this campaign. It raised awareness of the importance of creativity, not just for individuals, but for society as a whole.

Meeting Richard Lee PepsiCo China – CoolBrands – Around the World in 80 Brands

Meeting Richard Lee PepsiCo China – CoolBrands – Around the World in 80 Brands

In 2012 he showed me a video in which three PepsiCo brands joined forces around Chinese New Year to reconnect young people to family values. It underscored the idea that at the end of the day, family is a very powerful and important entity, which is something the new generation in today’s China tends to forget.

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Bring Happiness Home PepsiCo – CoolBrands, Around the World in 80 Brands

‘Bring Happiness Home’ – PepsiCo China

I am with Richard Lee, chief marketing officer of PepsiCo China, enjoying the view from the M Glamour bar on the Bund in Shanghai.

The stories that Richard has shared with me over recent years are very diverse, yet they all have a number of common elements.

The most striking one in my opinion is that they use their brands’ communication power to convey a higher message.

Their purpose is to make Chinese audiences aware of the importance of traditional values. Over the years they have highlighted values like creativity and sense of community, but in the past three years PepsiCo has been focusing on ‘Happiness’ as a core value.

Richard Lee - CMO PepsiCo China

Richard Lee – CMO PepsiCo China

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